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Marc Allum is a freelance art and antiques journalist, writer and broadcaster based in Wiltshire.


He has been a miscellaneous specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow since 1998 and has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes. Marc regularly writes for mainstream magazines and is an author, antiques consultant and lecturer.


Marc has his own unique style with interests ranging from pre-history to modern design and is a self-confessed collectaholic. He has a passion and reputation for divining the unusual; 'a desire to connect with history through the interpretation and pursuit of objects and their origins'.


Marc is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.


Marc is an Ambassador and Sale Curator with Dore & Rees Auctioneers. 




I am an Arts Society Accredited Lecturer

Please contact me for further details, tailored study days and events, either here at  or through the Arts Society website.

Some Official Arts Society Feedback

The Chair - 2000 Years of Sitting Down


Praise from members for presentational style, with enjoyable anecdotes.

The Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes & the Great Discoveries


He gave us a very interesting lecture on The Antiques Roadshow which is a programme which most people present would have seen over the years, and which talk gave us an interesting insight to what goes on behind the scenes as well as talking about discoveries found on the programme. He was also very willing not only to answer questions after the lecture, but also to engage with members present both before as well as after the lecture, which felt more like we were all present at a live lecture, which most members do miss these days.

The Antiques Road Show - Behind the Scenes and 40 Years of Great Finds


An immensely entertaining lecture,and was exactly what the lecture title stated, followed by an excellent Q and A session. Marc is a very amiable person who sets up an easy rapport with his audience , even over Zoom. 

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